Feb 11, 2012

random stuff

It's been a few since I've blogged. I just noticed too that as of today, my blog has been viewed 4500 times!! That's a lot of visits!
Life has been busy 'round here....it's a balancing act. I feel like even though I have one kid, I'm as busy as a mom who has three. I am looking forward to Spring Break. Two blissful weeks of rest, however, I'm already contemplating my to do list to get caught up on things that need done around the house. I'm also going to have to squeeze in some time to plan and make some paper crafting stuff for the classes at JoAnn's. I'm hoping this brings in a little bit of money for the savings account. It would be nice to go on a family vacation in the fall.
I've been going to physical therapy for about a month now. Due to the pain I've been having in my hips, which isn't skeletal but muscular, I have had to do some Pilates exercises and then when I go to see the PT, she massages the knots and stiffness out. It's actually very wonderful even if I have to expose my half side.
My PT is a super sweet, very wise woman who is a believer in Christ and we have really great conversations about life and husbands and how trials and tribulations can cause stress on the body, etc. She's so great!
I was recently interviewed by a local paper regarding my job and the prospect of the county funding it again. My job is being paid for through stimulus money and it ends this year. I am hoping and praying that a job is going to land right in my lap and the principal who gives me a contract is going to hit the teacher jackpot with me.
Not bragging, just stating the facts....lol ;)

My bff and I spent a few hours last night crafting. I was really tired but being creative is my form of drug. I helped her make a paper banner on the sewing machine for her son's upcoming 5th birthday. I helped her make a banner that says CRAFT for above her kids' art table. We made some super quick and cute teacher gifts for V-day. We made six each and five are for each of their support teachers. Since those teachers kinda get left out of the mix, our little gift should make them feel important. We were having a lot of fun and laughing like idiots at ourselves. I really needed that, it was good just to hang out!
I am about to finish a book called "Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen", and it's a really good read. Set in the south and I found it to be full of text to self connections. A few teachers at school formed a book club and this is the first selection. We are going to meet in a couple of weeks to talk about it and I can't wait. It's going to be fun to see how other people have connected it to their lives.
Well, I guess that's enough randomness for now. Keep warm, it's like super Alaskan cold her in Middle TN!!!

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  1. The daughter and I recently discovered Joanne's. Very cool store. I am embarrassed to say we spent to much money on fabric though on projects we will probably never finish... Darn Pintrest. :p

    Very cool about the book club. I love to read and always wanted to be part of a book club. None of my friends are readers though and nothing is offered at my local library.

    & two weeks off for Spring Break? Here in Florida the kids get only one week.

    & the weather here in the south is cold. Mornings like today, I wished I lived in Fiji.