Mar 28, 2010

nothing important

So, I haven't blogged in quite some time, ehh? Well, not much has been worthy of the bloggosphere. Our church had the Childrens Easter musical today, and it went really well! I was very proud of all those kiddos! h.a.m is the most "rockingest" childrens church leader/director/teacher....she is way more awesome than me!
This past week I painted my looks really good....glad I did it. Now I am on to the bedrooms minus the master BR. If Kmart would ever get the bunk beds in that I want, then it would push my progress along. Grant is itching to get those bunk beds! Once I get him all settled in, I will work on the other room, taking down the small molding & border. I migh just cry a few tears taking down that All About a Bear means my baby is really no longer a baby. BOO HOO! ok, build a bridge This plain ole ugly living room needs some paint but its going to take a lot of muscle to get that done. Another goal of mine is outside.....the cheap gazebo metal tent looking thing got bent during a storm last fall so its trash, and this weekend I told Bill to tell the neighbors that they could take our old patio furniture if they wanted it. They don't have a deck but they have a lot of people over when they have parties so I figured they'd get better use of it. Otherwise, it's next home would be the dump Once my deck is cleared off, it's going to look empty but I don't mind, eventually I want to get a patio set that we can just go out there and sit maybe around a small fire pit. ; )
I am already starting to think about what I will plan for Grant to do during the summer. Little Y day camp is one of my serious options, hopefully a couple of VBS' including ours. Hopefully we will be at the pool a lot too!
I am praying constantly that I will get a certain interim. It would so make my day...month...year! I have been trying to figure out some other ways to make some money so I can get some extras that I normally wouldn't splurge on. Well, thats about all.....done for now!

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