Feb 18, 2010

***best ~ friend***

Every weekday morning after I drop the boy off at school, I get a few minutes to meditate, reflect, pray, think, about how well I am doing at this thing called life. I often think about the people who have come and gone in my life & how their presence influenced me in some way. I think about all of my childhood friends who would play Barbies with me, or dress up & pretend to be moms, or make stuff for our parents. I think of the friends I had in my adolescence. The ones who kept me on track, the ones who dared me to do crazy stuff, the ones whom I shared rites of passages with, and then I think of the friends I have had through my adult life. I have to say first though, that when you are young, it's all about being the popular one, the girl who has a ton of friends and then as you get older, it's more important to have a handful of friends who you share your ups & downs with.

Anyway, I have a really great BFF......yep, that's us @ our favorite location: THE BEACH!!!
I recently realized how awesome God really is when He decides the course of our lives. If it weren't for the fact that I went to Trevecca & started going to Covenant, & the fact that Mark *her hubs* had gone to Tech & met HER, and then moved back to Mt. Juliet, and then started coming to Covenant, well, then I would never have met my BFF. Isn't that just crazy wonderful?
But like any (new) friendship,we talked occasionally. I don't think it was until our children were born that we really became good friends. Now, it's been almost six years & we are like, well best friends. I ADORE her family, I am especially attached to Tanner....cuz he's the baby...but I sure do love my Emmacoley & MaddMan!! We are also two fanatically obsessed scrappin' divas *when there's time* & we both love artsy craftsy stuff. It is my honor to call her my friend. She is so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you. One thing I know is that she is a SUPER DUPER FANTASTIC COOL MOM!!! Our kids are the best of friends too & I hope they get the chance to grow up together. They are so funny to listen to & watch when they play. Our friendship is unique b/c we don't ever really talk on the phone everyday or see each other every day but we know that we are always there for each other. That is what makes having a BFF so wonderful......for me she's like the sister I never had but better! Thanks HAM for being there for me.
p.s. I was gonna write you a note too but I wanted to blog it instead!!!
luvyameanit =D


  1. (gasp) I'm touched.
    You're awesome.
    love ya.

  2. I typically don't like beautiful and intelligent women, but for some reason I like both of you. I've really tried to hate you, but you're both too nice. It's like your perfect...but niether of you know it. Ooops...I shouldn't have told you. :D