Jan 9, 2010

[A Step Back in Time]

One of the things I did when I was in Texas for New Years was to visit the Childrens Hospital where I had my surgery to correct the scoliosis I had at age 11. I never really thought that I would ever be back here but in Oct. 09, TSRCH sent me a letter requesting that I participate in a follow up research study on patients who had this type of surgery. It was really kinda surreal to be back there and looking at things I had long forgotten. The top left picture is where the old entrance was. It was kinda funny taking this picture b/c a security guard told me, "mam if you want to get in, you have to go the other way" and I replied< "I know, I'm just wanting to take a picture of the sign" and he pretended to pose for me, and then I told him I had been here 20 yrs earlier, and he was astounded. Anyway, , the picture on the top right is me at the flag pole where there are bronze statues of children. This hospital has been here since @ the 1930's. The bottom left picture is the entrance sign which is different from what I remember. And finally, the last picture is of the Doc who performed my surgery. His name is Dr. Tony Herring & the rods that are in my back are called Herrington rods. Cool, huh? He is now #2 man as the Chief of Staff and is still doing surgery. I was hoping to get to meet him again, Good thing we caught him b/c he was out the door to bicycle home. Hence, the absence of a white coat. He was very nice & I really didn't expect him to remember me but it was so neat to meet him again.
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